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  • Failure to meet strategic objectives
  • Lacking or mis-aligned strategic objectives
  • Uncommunicated strategic objectives
  • Unaligned strategic objectives
  • Misordered strategic objectives
  • Low employee engagement

Executives know that strategy is important. In the fast moving technology driven world of business today there are two camps: Lock down strategic goals and ruthlessly drive to them or do not have any strategic goals and just follow the market demand. Neither of these will lead to long term business growth.  


Industry today is volatile. Trying to guess what is going to happen in 3 years is ridiculous. But not having a 3 year direction is just as foolish. In Nimble Strategy Creationsm Joseph facilitates your creation of an appropriate strategic approach, one that balances between these extremes. With a critical understanding of the volatility of your market and the extent of possible process knowledge you will create targets that make sense both now and for the future. You will also create a system for Continuous Strategic Steering that will keep your entire organization aligned with your strategy.

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Joseph “gets” our business, he is willing to deal with tough questions and resistance. He set us onto a path to success and gave us the tools and the will to continue to improve our process. Today we deliver good software, faster, and do it with a sense of ownership and camaraderie that didn’t exist before.
Jennifer Smith, Program Manager
We’ve be working with Joseph for several months at Tableau and I continue to be pleased and impressed with the results. He’s been coaching our scrum teams and our leadership teams. I haven’t been part of the former sessions, but can report that the latter sessions are full of practice advice for getting through the normal ups and downs of running several scrum teams.
Austin Dahl, Tableau
He has a clear-sighted vision for how 21st century management ideas can improve both the human and business sides of the workplace. I find Joseph’s ability to identify the key elements in a wide variety of coaching opportunities extremely helpful, making the time we spend together critical to my personal development as a leader
Kyle Gupton, Tableau
Joseph instructed Department of Licensing for the State of Washington (DOL) in setting up its agile structure and as an ongoing coach, is a valuable player in helping DOL as it develops in this methodology. I would strongly recommend Joseph to any organization that is looking to start agile in its Business
Patrick Robinson, WA State Dept. Of Licensing


A practical guide for complex organizations

If you want a cookbook on decorating your walls to make it look like you are lean and agile this book is not for you. If you want to understand the underlying philosophy and the hard work it takes to become an agile organization that can stay at the forefront of your industry then please read on.
Jeffery Liker, Author, The Toyota Way
A great exploration of the underpinnings of Agile. Joseph breaks down the fundamentals in a way that any team can apply them to improve their effectiveness. I highly recommend Being Agile in a Waterfall World.
Jon Baker, WireStone
Joseph has taken the idea of becoming Agile and put the practical to the page. If becoming Agile is your goal or becoming a better leader within your organization, this is a must read. Practical tips, solid thoughts, and critical insights makes this so.
Robert Steele, CEO, Steele Financial Group