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Organizational and Leadership Expert Joseph Flahiff is passionate about helping leaders become more supportive and organizations become more nimble. An engaging and energetic thought leader, Joseph delivers provocative presentations that pack a punch.

For over 20 years, he has transformed people and organizations, bringing hope and joy to work, why not yours?

“Phenomenal speaker – truly a subject matter expert”- Maricarmen Suarez, Google

“Great presentation, very important concepts for executives!” – A. P., Stanford University School of Medicine


Below are two of my most popular presentations. I always customize the content for your organization. Contact me to learn more.

Building nimble organizations

Creating Agility, The job of Leadership

  • Why agility is so difficult to attain
  • Fire all your managers
  • The hardest thing, giving power to self-organizing teams

Everyone is a leader

Leadership is not a job or a title, it is a moral obligation for everyone!

  • It is all about context
  • Love, the ultimate success strategy
  • Leaders Learn


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At one point while reading the section on Servant Leadership, I actually started to tear up…. I realized I had spent the last six months in a futile attempt to “serve” in a command and control structure that actually had adopted a passive aggressive style to hide the fact that they were still in command mode. Apparently, passivity of management got equated with being “agile”, which actually manifested as a complete void of leadership. Until, of course, there needed to be some accountability, which lead to the aggressive demands taken straight from waterfall history books. That section of your book just healed all my wounds from being beat about the head and shoulders with my own schedule all that time. Thank you for the discussion about this important point of management thinking that needs to shift.
Jen O
His book is great! I have lived in a waterfall world for 25 years and only started into agile about four years ago, using a “home grown” mixture of scrum, kanban, and yes, waterfall. I am both a PMP and a CSM, and I feel continually conflicted when determining the right approach to a project, concerned that I was “cheating” on the method not chosen. Now, after talking with Joseph and reading his book, I have discovered that agile is what you make it out to be — for you, for your team, and for your organization — and that it can play nicely with waterfall.
Doug Furlong
There have been many shifts and movements in the last few years geared towards helping teams deliver greater value. Flahiff captures the essense of many of these and shows how they are complementary and not exclusive. This is a great book for leaders and teams alike to gain perspective and start having the crucial conversations about the how’s and why’s of leading change.
John S.