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Nimble Leader Development sm

When you are pushing your business to new heights you encounter new problems. Today you have a whole new set of issues staring you in the face:

  • What is your role in an agile organization
  • Employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Optimizing your projects for delivery
  • Organizational culture
  • Speed of decision making
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Continuous improvement
  • Innovation

These all depend upon exceptional leaders. While you may have an understanding of the concepts of leadership, you have never had to lead at this level. What do you do?

Whether you are moving into a new role, building skills, or looking at rapid growth Joseph Flahiff’s Nimble Leader Developmentsm is the key to your success.


What you need is not just training, not just support, and not just a confidant. You need all three in an interrelated self-reinforcing system. Joseph Flahiff’s approach to Nimble Leader Developmentsm quickly launches your leaders into new levels of action, while simultaneously creating an active system of reinforcing processes that will sustain your leadership development well after he is gone.

Joseph has contributed heavily through his wise and thoughtful advice to our leadership team.
Thierry D'Hers, VP Prod Dev
I have found Joseph to be an invaluable coaching resource as I work to improve my leadership skills.
Kyle Gupton, Dir Eng.
I continue to be pleased and impressed with the results… [coaching] sessions are full of practice advice.
Austin Dahl, Dir. Dev

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Joseph “gets” our business, he is willing to deal with tough questions and resistance. He set us onto a path to success and gave us the tools and the will to continue to improve our process. Today we deliver good software, faster, and do it with a sense of ownership and camaraderie that didn’t exist before.
Jennifer Smith, Program Manager


A practical guide for complex organizations

If you want a cookbook on decorating your walls to make it look like you are lean and agile this book is not for you. If you want to understand the underlying philosophy and the hard work it takes to become an agile organization that can stay at the forefront of your industry then please read on.
Jeffery Liker, Author, The Toyota Way
A great exploration of the underpinnings of Agile. Joseph breaks down the fundamentals in a way that any team can apply them to improve their effectiveness. I highly recommend Being Agile in a Waterfall World.
Jon Baker, WireStone
Joseph has taken the idea of becoming Agile and put the practical to the page. If becoming Agile is your goal or becoming a better leader within your organization, this is a must read. Practical tips, solid thoughts, and critical insights makes this so.
Robert Steele, CEO, Steele Financial Group