What does Agile mean for a Project Manager’s Career

Do you need Project Managers if you are agile? What happens to my career as a PM if we adopt agile? Don't worry, here is what you can expect.

Enterprise Scale Sprint Planning

On Monday I held our second sprint planning session of 2011 on my enterprise scale agile (scrum) project. in this video I talk about how I held the sprint planning day. Below is a panoramic picture of the sprint planning session. ~40 people in the room with 3 projectors and 3 separate conference numbers.  Sound [...]

See how you can avoid the#1 Impediment to Agile Adoption!

What is the #1 impediment to agile adoption?  Get a pencil and write down your guess. No this is not a study it is just what I have personally experienced, maybe you have too.

Don’t make this mistake with Holiday Sprint Length

First off I want to apologize for missing yesterday's post. I am committed to posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I missed yesterday. Sorry. ===================== We are in the holiday season now and you have sprints going on, what do you do with those days off? I have tried two ways: Extending iteration length to keep [...]