New Year’s Resolutions again? Do this instead. (Part 2)

New Year’s Resolutions again? Do this instead. (Part 2) Welcome back. Yesterday we explored the 7 areas of your life and you assessed your current and desired states for each. If you didn’t do that yet, go back and do it now because you need these buckets to do today’s exercise. Did you [...]

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Agile for COTS – Discussion with Scott Ambler

Agile thought leader Scott Ambler discusses with Joseph Flahiff how you use Agile to more effectively implement Commercial off the shelf (COTS). COTS projects are often not considered a candidate for Agile but why not? I decided to go to the big dog in the park, IBM, and talk about how you can save literally [...]

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Mixing the Agile methodology and the Waterfall methodology – a really short introduction

How do you mix agile and waterfall. in this video Joseph tells you about how to use agile as a delivery model baked into a waterfall shell.

Enterprise Scale Sprint Planning

On Monday I held our second sprint planning session of 2011 on my enterprise scale agile (scrum) project. in this video I talk about how I held the sprint planning day. Below is a panoramic picture of the sprint planning session. ~40 people in the room with 3 projectors and 3 separate conference numbers.  Sound [...]

See how you can avoid the#1 Impediment to Agile Adoption!

What is the #1 impediment to agile adoption?  Get a pencil and write down your guess. No this is not a study it is just what I have personally experienced, maybe you have too.

Don’t make this mistake with Holiday Sprint Length

First off I want to apologize for missing yesterday's post. I am committed to posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I missed yesterday. Sorry. ===================== We are in the holiday season now and you have sprints going on, what do you do with those days off? I have tried two ways: Extending iteration length to keep [...]

Do you know what the Ideal Iteration duration is?

What length are your iteration? Why did you choose that length? I spoke at the Rally Agile Success Tour and the panelists were asked about extending iteration length. Here is what we ALL said...

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