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Ok I know I promised that I would post some videos. I am working on it. It has been a crazy week at work this week. We had forecasts due and this month they asked that we get as accurate as we could get on the 2011 forecast.
We did our best but our Capital vs. Expense was way out of whack. We found though that Project accounting had posted a lot of items as Expense that really should have been capital. We found about 150K in just May and June. For the next round we will do January through April and I hope to reconcile our Expense budget.
In addition the developers on the project are being poached by other projects. It really seems odd to me that anyone would dare take my resources. Yes, their projects are important but if my project is not successful, the company will go under, end of story. So…”Let my people go!”

Let’s see, what else. Well We had a no-holds-barred open and honest conversation about our project status.  Which of course was bad. Why is it that no project is ever in good shape when you ask for the honest assessment? (I am doing a video post on that)

At any rate. It has been a heck of a week.  I will try to do my video posts very soon.



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