I sometimes wonder if the people who write these agile vs waterfall articles  have ever worked on the one that they are discrediting either side of the argument.  The arguments are typically such weak straw man arguments, and the agile videos make such a mockery of waterfall that the authors & producers of them just make themselves look silly.

I have managed waterfall projects for years and I never met a traditional PM who had horns or a pointy tail.  I currently manage agile projects and I have never met a dev or scrummaster who was just lazy.  But to read these articles you would think every PMP was deeply evil and every agilst just wants to fly off half cocked.

I fundamentally believe that most people want to do the right thing.  I am begging you don’t just slam an approach to managing work without understanding what is good about it.  Really there are benefits to both approaches, really. Strive to understand not just preach doctrine.