11. Overdeliver

This is post 11 in my 10 tips for Whitewater Project Success.

Nobody is impressed by someone who does what is expected of them.  To be a successful Whitewater Project manager you need to go above and beyond.  My wife is a Jr High English teacher.  Kids who do what is expected of them get a “C” in class.  The kids that want an “A” need to go above and beyond.  What does an “A” look like at work?  It looks like a bigger raise, it looks like a better bonus, it looks like the big promotion, and the better projects, More challenge, More opportunity, and more recognition.

The Olympics recently completed. You know. Not one of those competitors tried to be average, did what was expected. They worked hard, in the evenings and on weekends. They were dedicated, committed to excellence!  A few of them won gold, but they are all Olympians forever.

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