Agile construction?

Hi Friends, I had a peer asking about agile in construction and I started to answer but I thought I would put the answer here so everyone can benefit. I worked in construction for 7 years while at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. I was responsible for the Project Management of the IT Systems, spaces [...]

Scaling Agile with Mike Cohn

"Agile Estimating and Planning" author, and Agile Alliance co-founder, Mike Cohn, provides detailed, proven techniques for estimating and planning any Agile project. Agile Estimating and Planning supports any agile, semiagile, or iterative process, including Scrum, XP, Feature-Driven Development, Crystal, Adaptive Software Development, DSDM, Unified Process, and many more. It will be an indispensable resource for [...]

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An Agile Transformation Framework

If you are considering implementing Agile you have to watch this video. Recorded at the Global Scrum Gathering in Seattle, Washington. Tamara Runyon ( of CollabNet ( explains an Agile Transformation Framework model that she has developed to assist organizations in clarifying their goals with their agile transformation.

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Agile Coaches as Transformation Agents

This video cast was recorded live in the foyer at the Global Scrum Gathering in Seattle Washington USA. (Sorry for the audio issues) I talk with Lyssa Adkins about how Agile Coaches are in the prefect position to be organizational Transformation Agents. Comment marks: 1. the most powerful tool a Transformation agent has is... 2. [...]

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When is a story too big?

I hear it all the time. "There is no way to break this story down any smaller." Believe me there is always a way. Find it. Or your velocity will be all messed up! and worse. Watch this video to learn how Testing suffers from big stories

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