Find out if your words are hurting your agile adoption?

Language is important.  Words, have meaning, lots of meaning. All too often people throw words around without much thought. In an article by Chris Ward and Leonardo Legorreta, called "Beyond Waterfall and Agile Methods: Towards a New Contingency Model for IT Project Management" I found this table.  I love it. Let's try to push our [...]

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Sprint Review: Emotional Time-line Diagram

If you don't use the Emotional Time-line Diagramming technique in your Sprint Reviews you should. In this video I describe the technique and my experience using it last week.

Scaling agile – Planning large scale agile – Stages

Many people believe that using agile means not doing planning. baloney.  Why the heck do you think Mike Cohn wrote "Agile PLANNING and estimating."   The difference is that on an agile project planning happens in different ways, in pragmatic ways, in progressive stages of greater and greater planning. So how do you do it? [...]

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Role of the PM in Enterprise Agile

Every spring there is a tulip festival up north of Seattle, WA.  It reminds me that in the spring everything is new. Most Enterprise organizations are still exploring/piloting agile. In these organizations team members are not typically mature in their ability to self-organize. The Project Manager’s role becomes one of helping teams learn how to [...]

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10 tips for whitewater success

1. Nothing is "normal" 2. Know your goal & purpose 3. Clarify everything you (or others) don't understand 4. Listen more than you talk 5. Serve the team & project 6. Keep it light 7. Trust your team 8. Simplify complex ideas 9. Get lots of input 10.  Get a guide 11. Over Deliver

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