Need to show your boss that Multitasking is a myth?

John Medina is a genius! If you haven't read it yet read "Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School" (Amazon Associate link). Really he rocks. I do it every day. Our Teams do it every day but Multi-Tasking really is detrimental to the work we do in every way. [...]

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See how you can avoid the#1 Impediment to Agile Adoption!

What is the #1 impediment to agile adoption?  Get a pencil and write down your guess. No this is not a study it is just what I have personally experienced, maybe you have too.

Give Thanks this season

If you are reading this you likely have a computer, or at least have access to one. That makes you more fortunate than about 80% of the rest of the world.  Do you have heat? More than one shrit and pants?  How about dinner tonight? Every night?  Yah you got it pretty good. Why do [...]

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Why is 7 +-2 the ideal Scrum team size?

Maybe you have heard that the ideal Scrum team size is 7 +-2 but do you really understand why? In this video I SHOW you why it is the rule and the real trouble you can get into if it is larger. Plus what you can do when you have really large teams.

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Sprint Review: Emotional Time-line Diagram

If you don't use the Emotional Time-line Diagramming technique in your Sprint Reviews you should. In this video I describe the technique and my experience using it last week.