New Year’s Resolutions Again? Do this instead. (Part 3)

New Year's Resolutions Again? Do this instead. (Part 3) Welcome back. I sure hope you are doing all these exercises because the outcome is awesome. Let's get into today's exercise. If you really want a strong bond you need a good 2 part epoxy, consisting of a resin and a catalyst (hardener). This process [...]

New Year’s Resolutions again? Do this instead. (Part 2)

New Year’s Resolutions again? Do this instead. (Part 2) Welcome back. Yesterday we explored the 7 areas of your life and you assessed your current and desired states for each. If you didn’t do that yet, go back and do it now because you need these buckets to do today’s exercise. Did you [...]

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Lean Agile Coach as Technical Specialist

Coach as: Technical Specialist An education coach who is being a curriculum (Technical) specialist is focusing on the WHAT of teaching not the HOW. This coach is acting as a content expert.  Maybe they have 20 years of teaching 14th Century English literature.  I would want to tap this person if I was teaching 14th [...]

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Lean Agile Coach as Mentor

Coach as Mentor Educational coaches hold the hold of coach as mentor in a district or in a building. New teachers are often shocked by how much they struggle in their first year.  My wife has been teaching Middle School/ Jr High for over 20 years. We have often talked about the first three years of any teacher. [...]

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10 Roles of Coaches

I have been a coach for many years but I am always learning, always growing, always looking for great insights. I found a great insight a couple of weekends ago when discussing coaching with my wife. My wife is an educator and is in a class that is discussing the purpose and value of classroom [...]

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