Reviewing Retrospectives

In my recent article on I shared that my belief is that the retrospective is the single most important agility enabling practice, period. So I wanted to share here a few resources for retrospectives and some further thoughts. first the thoughts. Keep it safe psychological safety, the belief that it is safe in this [...]

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Four ways to attain business agility

Four ways to attain business agility. Enjoy this article that was publshed on How do you become agile? We all start from a different place and that means that every organizatin's path to agility is different. In this article I discuss 4 aspects that help you focus your attention on what changes are necessary [...]

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Agile construction?

Hi Friends, I had a peer asking about agile in construction and I started to answer but I thought I would put the answer here so everyone can benefit. I worked in construction for 7 years while at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. I was responsible for the Project Management of the IT Systems, spaces [...]

Are you ready for business agility?

There is no doubt that business agility is necessary today, but are you ready? Is your organization able to absorb and adapt to change? Are your technical and business practices, your culture and leadership able to handle the stress of change? Or will they, when pushed and pulled by the stresses of rapid business change, [...]

So ya think you don’t need a coach?

Imagine what my daughters volleyball team would be like if they didn’t have a coach? We could throw a group of girls together, give them a book on volleyball or send them to a 2 day workshop to learn through lecture and a few exercises how a volleyball game is played. But set them up [...]

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