Reviewing Retrospectives

In my recent article on I shared that my belief is that the retrospective is the single most important agility enabling practice, period. So I wanted to share here a few resources for retrospectives and some further thoughts. first the thoughts. Keep it safe psychological safety, the belief that it is safe in this [...]

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Agile construction?

Hi Friends, I had a peer asking about agile in construction and I started to answer but I thought I would put the answer here so everyone can benefit. I worked in construction for 7 years while at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. I was responsible for the Project Management of the IT Systems, spaces [...]

When is a story too big?

I hear it all the time. "There is no way to break this story down any smaller." Believe me there is always a way. Find it. Or your velocity will be all messed up! and worse. Watch this video to learn how Testing suffers from big stories

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Wednesday: Lean IT and Coffee with Mike Orzen

Today I met with Mike Orzen of Steady Improvement. Mike and his colleague Steve Bell recently wrote the book: Lean IT which is the WINNER OF THE 2011 Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award. After chatting over coffee at one of the ever present Starbucks in the Seattle area, I attended the ASQ/APICS dinner meeting [...]

The Agile Manifesto 10 Years later – Andy Hunt & Joseph Flahiff

Andy Hunt was one of the original signers of the Agile Manifesto in 2001.  I had a great time interviewing Andy Hunt (Andrew Hunt) for this podcast. It is great to find a kindred spirit. I hope you enjoy listening to /ndy talk about his pragmatic approach to software development. Learn more about [...]