New Year’s Resolutions again? Do this instead. (Part 2)

New Year’s Resolutions again? Do this instead. (Part 2)

Welcome back.

Yesterday we explored the 7 areas of your life and you assessed your current and desired states for each. If you didn’t do that yet, go back and do it now because you need these buckets to do today’s exercise.

Did you get that journal like I suggested? If not then go get some paper now and get a journal later today. You will want it.

Ok. Today is awesome. One of my favorite days, seriously.

Once you have done that, take some time and dream. But dream from a good place. Take time to; pray, meditate, go for a run, do whatever it is that gets you going. Then look at your table from yesterday. Find the one facet that has the greatest distance between the current and desired state. If there is a tie take the one that is highest desired state number. If there still is a tie… pick one.

Get your journal.


Write your first big bucket. Maybe it is Physical. Ok, so write Physical in the middle of the page. Then draw some spokes around it. What does physical mean to you? Does it include exercise? Does it include eating? Does it include other things? Make each spoke a different aspect of that core bucket.


Now, set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes.

Using the spokes as inspiration begin a complete brain-dump, free-write, word-barf (thanks to my daughter JoHanna for that last one). On your top bucket/spokes.


Want to run a 4-minute mile? Write it down. Want to own a yacht? Write it down. Want to have a perfect relationship write that down. Just get it out there. This is what you think already so don’t judge it.


Now that you have some stuff out there, go back and expand each section and make sure you have something in that section that describes who you would have to BE, in order for it to be ideal. What you would have to DO, in order for it to be ideal.

E.g. describe who you would have to be in order to run a 4-minute mile. What you would do if you were the kind of person who runs a 4-minute mile.

Take a break. Seriously, you are just reading through this right now and it may seem easy but it isn’t. You will want a break. Stand up, move, get some air. Then come back ready to rock-and-roll again.

Now do the next one.

By the end of about an hour, you will have your top three most important facets of your life filled out in quite a bit of detail. This can be exhausting so just be ready.


Congratulations! That was a lot of work. Don’t be surprised if you are experiencing conflicting emotions. That is totally normal. You may be feeling excited by this vision that you have dreamed up.  You are probably feeling overwhelmed by the seeming impossibility of it all. You may even feel confused because parts of what you wrote are in seeming conflict. Remember we aren’t setting goals like you used to we are creating a compelling vision that sets a direction. It is quite different. Try to focus on the good feelings you have about the possibility of realizing this direction.

That should be enough for today. Tomorrow we will apply a 2 part epoxy to your direction.

Ok, see you tomorrow.



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