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An education coach who is being a curriculum (Technical) specialist is focusing on the WHAT of teaching not the HOW. This coach is acting as a content expert.  Maybe they have 20 years of teaching 14th Century English literature.  I would want to tap this person if I was teaching 14th Century English Lit. Even more broadly they are acting as the specialist on the particular curriculum that the district has adopted. They need to have deep understanding of the concepts, measures, and goals of the curriculum.

When filling the role of Coach as Technical specialist coaches are focused on developing technical expertise in the development team.  I love a good technical coach, I think partly because I am not one. Technical coaches typically have years of in the trenches experience. Experience with the technical side of being agile. Technical practices like:

  • Pair programming,
  • Test Driven Development,
  • Continuous Integration,
  • Continuous Deployment,
  • Lean UX,
  • Collective Code Ownership,
  • Coding Katas,
  • Emergant Architecture/Design
  • Loose Coupling
  • Refactoring
  • Code Craftsmanship
  • and others

Coach as technical specialist is a very focused role. a Technical coach will first train and then do live action coaching with the team and/or individual team members. These technical practices are not easy to learn and can make all the difference in taking your organization to the next level of agile delivery.  I often hear people talk about their agile journey with some amount of frustration because they can not seem to make it work. They erroneously conclude that it just is not possible to be agile in their content.  What really is the case is that they have to learn a new skill, a difficult skill and they just tried to learn it by themselves, the absurdity of this doesn’t really hit home until you liken it to other skills, as I do on our coaching page. I really encourage you to read it.

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