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In the context of an education coach, Joellen finds that teachers turn to a coach to have access to resources that they may not know about or may not have ready access to.  This includes books, articles, assessments and tools for the class room. It may also include access to people who are hard to reach: speakers, authors, higher ups in the district or in the state or government.

I find this to be a direct parallel in my work as a lean/ agile coach. I am often asked for reference resources beyond my own advice. I read, a LOT. So, I have many book recommendations both inside and outside of the lean/ agile coach context.  People often ask about good books on a topic and I almost always have something to recommend.

I find that this role is most often encountered early in an engagement.  People want to know what you know and that it is supported by others.  Sometimes people don’t want to waste my time so they ask for a resource recommendation rather than asking for my input, thinking that it will save them time and money if they just read about it themselves. I am always happy to provide recommendations, but books and articles by their nature speak generally and when you are in the throws of a lean/ agile transformation what you need is specific coach ing.

Yes the books in the image are mine. I read voraciously. here is a short list of books I have on my ipod now (now being 10/9/2014)  and some others that I have read recentlyIMG_9135

  • Executive Coaching with Backbone and Heart – Mary Beth O’Neill (Currently reading)
  • The Heart of Change – John Kottter (Currently reading)
  • Leaders Eat Last – Simon Sinek (Recently read, also watch the TED talk)
  • Teaming – Amy Edmondson (Read 4-5 times FANTASTIC)
  • Awaken the Giant Within – Anthony Robbins (Come back to this every couple of years)
  • Change the Culture Change the Game – Roger Connors and Tom Smith ( Don’t really like thier approach, I prefer Kotter and Heath’s approaches)
  • The Fifth Discipline – Peter M. Senge (Classic, read it every couple of years)
  • The Future of Management – Gary Hamel & Bill Breen (Very inspirational)
  • Leading Change – John Kotter ( Classic if you haven’t read it, you are missing part of your education)
  • One Minute Entrepreneur – Ken Blanchard (meh)
  • REMOTE: Office Not Required – Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson ( good one )
  • The Servant Leadership Training Course – James C. Hunter (Great book!)
  • SPIN Selling:Situation Problem Implication Needs Payoff – Neil Rackham (Interesting read. Read it like it is  about coaching!)
  • Switch: How to change when change is hard – Chip Heath & Dan Heath

And that is just what is current on my iPod.  Some I have read just 2 or 3 times others I have read dozens of times.

Books in the picture:

  • Radical Leadership
  • Throughput Accounting
  • Out of the Crisis
  • Design of the factory with a future
  • Ten minute trainer
  • scaling software agility
  • the coaching starter kit
  • agile estimating and planning
  • lean-agile software development
  • balancing agility and discipline
  • Agile product management
  • Thrive
  • Six simple rules
  • Coaching agile teams
  • Agile software development
  •  the art of agile development
  • the big book of six sigma training games
  • Creativity Inc.
  • Toyota Kata
  • To Sell is Human

just a few from my bookshelf.

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