10 Roles of Coaches

I have been a coach for many years but I am always learning, always growing, always looking for great insights.
I found a great insight a couple of weekends ago when discussing coaching with my wife. My wife is an educator and is in a class that is discussing the purpose and value of classroom coaches. Interesting, I had never thought about that. She shared a book she and her team were reading, Coaching by Jim Knight it is a compilation of other people’s works on coaching in education. Hum. I had never heard of him. He was the name that kept coming up over and over again in their research.
Isn’t it interesting that there is so little crossover in industries, on a topic that crosses both industries.
As we drove across Washington State from Spokane to Seattle we read excerpts from her book and had some great discussions.

One article that stood out to me is the topic of this post. Coaches’ Roles, responsibilities, and Reach. Which is often summarized as the 10 roles of coaches by Joellen Killion. These are the 10 roles of education coaches not agile or lean coaches but there is a lot that applies.

  1. Resource Provider
  2. Mentor
  3. Curriculum Specialist
  4. Instructional Specialist
  5. Classroom Supporter
  6. Learning Facilitator
  7. School Leader
  8. Catalyst for Change
  9. Data coach
  10. Learner

Cool list huh!  I think I will explore these in separate posts linked back here.

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