Lean Agile Coach as Mentor

Coach as Mentor Educational coaches hold the hold of coach as mentor in a district or in a building. New teachers are often shocked by how much they struggle in their first year.  My wife has been teaching Middle School/ Jr High for over 20 years. We have often talked about the first three years of any teacher. [...]

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Lean Agile Coach As Resource Provider

Coach as RESOURCE PROVIDER:   In the context of an education coach, Joellen finds that teachers turn to a coach to have access to resources that they may not know about or may not have ready access to.  This includes books, articles, assessments and tools for the class room. It may also include access to [...]

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10 Roles of Coaches

I have been a coach for many years but I am always learning, always growing, always looking for great insights. I found a great insight a couple of weekends ago when discussing coaching with my wife. My wife is an educator and is in a class that is discussing the purpose and value of classroom [...]

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