What is a Growth Mindset

When I was a kid I remember people talking about IQ. Back then people believed that IQ was fixed and there was nothing you could do about it. Kinda sucked because if you took an IQ test and it said you didn’t have a high IQ well you were stuck.   I have dyslexia, back in the 70s and 80s they didn’t know what dyslexia was so I didn’t know if my problems in school were just becuase I wasn’t smart (that is what the system was telling me) or something else. I didn’t think I was dumb. Actually kind a pissed me off when I did poorly in math but I totally KNEW the thoery.  Needless to say I was always a little intimidated by the idea of a fixed IQ and I never wanted to know mine for fear of it being low.  I figured if I did not know what I was or was not capable of then I would not have to stop at some point because something was beyond my IQ.

Today we now the thoeroy of a fixed IQ is not accurate. The most significant contributor to the destruction of this destructive thory is Carol Dweck.  Thank you Carol!

For me this all ties together in my Philosophy of Learning that I posted on Linked In.

Here is a great place to start. You Can Learn ANYTHING! 


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