A tale of two teams

A tale of two teams

A tale of two teams

The world cup this year is exciting. Everyone seems to be into it! I really don’t know much about soccer/futbal But it is exciting whenever teams play well together.

Which made me think. (…ripple effect…)

Once there were two men, Manuel and Timothy, who lived in a small rural town in the mid-west. They were watching the world cup, talking about how fun the game looked. Manuel said, “Yeah, I used to play where I lived, before I moved here. It is a lot of fun.”

Timothy asked, “Have you ever wanted to play again?”

“Of course!” answered Manuel, “I would jump at it in a minute, it is so much fun.”

“Hey, let’s form our own team to play. I know a few other guys we could get, who would love to play I bet.”

Timothy and Manuel talked to their friends; some loved the idea but others were not interested.  Eventually they found enough players to form a team. Excited about how much fun it will be they got a  couple of  books on soccer.  Michael, who also had experience playing soccer, heard about a clinic being put on in the neighboring town by one of the coaches for the World Cup team. Everyone eagerly signed up a for the weekend clinic to learn all about the game.

After the class they were all excited, they had learned so much, the class was like drinking from a fire hose of information and had fun exercises to practice soccer skills. With enthusiasm they practiced daily.  A couple of other guys on the team have played before, and surprisingly for some pretty good teams. Soon they are surprised at how well they are playing together. They really feel like a team. They called themselves the Mavericks

In the same area Alan and Joshua were also watching the World Cup and got excited about the idea of forming a team.

“Josh, you ever play soccer?” Alan asked.

“Yah, I did. It is a kick. (snicker). How about you?” replied Joshua

“I did too, back in college. We were the League Champions. We should see if we can put together a team. It would be great to get back out on the field.” With that Alan and Joshua shook hands and started calling their friends.  Pretty soon they too had enough guys to field a team.

Over a beer Josh and Alan were discussing what to do next. Joshua started, “The next thing we need is a coach.”

“Agreed!” Alan replied, “I heard that Sam Conklin, the coach of the high school team is a great coach. We should see if he is available.”

When they called Sam they had remarkable luck, Sam is available to be their coach.

Over the next few weeks the team meet with him a lot. Sam watched them play a little to understand their skill level and their individual strengths, weaknesses, passions and dislikes. He taught them the ins and outs of the game. Because Sam watched them, he taught them plays that work best with their strengths and weaknesses. He trained them, pushed them to improve and above all he helped them learn to be a team, not just players on a field, but a cohesive team that worked together, played together, thought together and rocked the field! They called themselves The Rocket!

Being from the same area the two teams saw each other frequently when they practiced. One day the players got talking and the idea of playing a game came up. Everyone agreed it would be fun and a game was set for the following Saturday morning.

The air was cool early on Saturday morning and a mist hung in the air. The teams met each other on the field of play. Face to face, each as prepared as they could have been.


How do you think this game would turn out?  Pretty obvious isn’t it.  the Mavericks were soundly beaten. The Rocket was a trained cohesive team. With the help of a coach, they were able to not only understand the game but they became a team. The coach catered the plays and his coaching to the personalities of the team.  His expereince across a wide variety of teams helped The Rocket grow faster and be better than they could ever have been without a coach.

It really sounds absurd, doesn’t it. Who would try and form a soccer team without a coach? Rediculous! Yet, every day people tell me that they are trying something far more difficlut than soccer without a coach. They are trying to become agile, to transform their organization’s way of approaching work, without a coach.”A few of our people have experience with agile from their past jobs. ” is the most common answer.  But experience playing soccer does not equate to coaching ability.

A coach can make all the difference.  Not only will an agile coach help your  team work at a higher level, they will help you have more Hope and Joy in your work.

Get a coach.  Even if you don’t think you need one, you need one.  I am happy to help you find a good coach in your area.

email me at joseph@whitewaterprojects.com


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