(re)Excited about KANBAN!

Over the past few days I have been teaching a PMI-ACP Prep class in Redmond Washington. Yep that is right I am teaching a class in my own timezone!  Amazing I know.

The past 2 days we spent learning the pieces and parts, tomorrow we put it all together and the team will actually DO Scum and DO Kanban.

This class has been one of the best I have ever had the privilege of teaching.  They always say that as a teacher you learn as much from your students as they do from you…that is so true!

DOing Kanban…

I have been teaching these classes for a while now and usually teach the kanban section using the airplane game that I learned from Dennis Stevens (Thanks Dennis!).  I have had varied luck with it, this time I tried a couple new twists to it. The game is similar to the one on the LEAN.org website

Yesterday I added a round of the airplane game where 3 people lined up and each folded 7 planes for a total of 21.  It was OK but not what I wanted. It didn’t show the traditional approach to software delivery. Which is more like batch and queue.  Then it hit me (ok sometimes the obvious comes slowly). What I will do next time is have each person do their ONE fold. but for ALL 21 planes. then pass them on to the next one. Much like the traditional: Write ALL the requirements, do ALL the architecture, do ALL The detailed design etc… I expect that the time on that exercise will take close to 40 minutes.  but I will have to see with the next class.

Tomorrow I will add to the exercise Value Stream Mapping. We will map the value stream. We will time the Cycle time and Touch Time. and look at the queue size at each station. Mapping them out using standard Value Stream Mapping. Speaking of value stream mapping tools. I just hit on this link for standard Value Stream Mapping Icons for Excel. Very cool, especially for an Excel nerd like myself.

After we map the value stream and see the flow, we can optimize the system.  I look forward to the creative solutions that this class comes up with!

I want to send a shout out to the Redmond PMI-ACP Class September 2012!

Thanks: Casey, Alex, Joanne, BJ, Shawn, Toby, Teri, Vichet, and Adam !  Thanks for an Awesome Class

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