10 IT Jobs that Are Hardest to Fill

Just got the latest newsletter from TechRepublic and an article caught my eye.  The title of the article was;

10 IT Jobs that are Hardest to Fill.

The title caught my eye because with the current job market still saturated with talented people who need jobs, I wanted to know what jobs are hard to fill. Here is the list in no particular order as it wasn’t a scientific study, rather it was a

  1. IT Trainer
  3. CIO/CTO Director of IT/etc..
  4. Helpdesk Staff
  5. Specialized Programmer
  6. Pre-Sales Engineer
  7. Technical Writer
  8. Product Evangelist’
  9. IT Author
  10. Maintenance/Legacy Programmer


Check the article out. If you are a project manager you are in demand, if you are a good PM with a PMP you should be able to write your ticket! ok it isn’t quite that easy. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that fully 30% of the PMs out there said that their job requires knowledge of agile, in a survey by The Project Management Institute.

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