PMI Global Congress – Presentation Recording and Slides


I had a great time speaking at the PMI Global Congress in Dallas and am excited to share with you these slides and the recorded audio.

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  1. Cary King November 25, 2011 at 12:02 pm - Reply

    There seems to be a significant disconnect between the IT Service Management community and the Project Management community.

    Project management skills and techniques are vital to improving services.

    IT provides services that need to be upgraded – often on a regular basis, twice or three times per year.

    What seems to work best in the IT world is not the traditional waterfall approach but a more rapid agile “releases” to services that is closer to the time-bound needs of “product management.”

    I often refer clients to Phil Windley’s intro:

    As might be expected, there is considerable status quo bias and resistance to the paradigm shift from the traditional PMO/waterfall, functional organization approach to a service-oriented sructure for IT.

    Those organizations that are a bit ahead of the curve toward service-orientation seem to be doing better in assuming a role of leadership and exploiting, governing and managing the new delivery options of cloud and multisourcing.

    I’m hopeful, therefore, that we’ll see a rapid increase in movement towards service-orientation. We are seeing considerable disintermediation of those IT organizations that demonstrate themselves to be too unresponsive to survive in a rapidly changing market.

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