PMI Agile Certification – Interview with Frank Schettini


In the first of a 3 part series. Frank Schittini shares with us how PMI came to offer an agile certification and some interesting details about the process.

Joseph: Lets just jump right into it. PMI is known for being the organization that promotes what agilists call the traditional waterfall process. How did PMI end up providing an agile certification?

Frank: Sure I would be happy to address that. First I would like to say though, PMI doesn’t actually  doesn’t support or not support, waterfall or any other methodology for that matter. We really focus on the standards and things you need to have in place, and that is a misnomer but some people have interpreted things the way they did. And there was a concern out there about agile.

As with every certification we do we follow a very formal process to evaluate market need, market interest, and really what problem are we solving, because we are a major advocate for the profession and what we were seeing, in terms of our research, was obviously that there is a growing interest in usage of agile tools and techniques and methodologies in organizations.  Our research had shown that we had seen a growth of about 100% in organizations in the past 3 years.  Now that doesn’t mean that each organization uses it 100% across the board. But we were really starting to see it grow in certain organizations…

Listen to the recording for the rest of the interview….

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