An Agile Transformation Framework

If you are considering implementing Agile you have to watch this video.

Recorded at the Global Scrum Gathering in Seattle, Washington. Tamara Runyon ( of CollabNet ( explains an Agile Transformation Framework model that she has developed to assist organizations in clarifying their goals with their agile transformation.

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  1. Ardith Lanstra-Nothdurft June 5, 2011 at 12:12 am - Reply

    I appreciate Tamara’s take the organizational learning necessary for implementing Agile. Especially that she highlights the benefit of intentionally selecting where the organization will adopt Agile management. That piece seems to be so often left out of the discussion with the focus remaining primarily on the team learning necessary and the assumption of organic, enterprise wide adoption. As she said, it’s the difference between “doing Agile” and being agile.

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