Back to Basics [3]: Points Estimation

Points Estimation is supposed to be simple. But as we are often inclined to do we as human beings tend to over complicate things. In this brief (4 minute) video I present you with a concrete explanation of points estimation. Hope you enjoy it.

P.S. a couple of tips for you.  I never tell an executive “we are using points estimation,” for two main reasons (1) they just don’t care: Executives don’t care HOW you do WHAT you do just that it is effective. (2) If the executives don’t have time to really understand it (and what executive has time) then, like most people they will fear what they do not know or understand. This will create unnecessary complication and extra justification.  So I just don’t do it.  Instead try telling them that you are, “Creating solid estimates”, and  You are, “Accounting for uncertainty in your estimates”,  that is what they want to hear.

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