Finally a Successful Scrum of Scrums Format – Vlog

This is working! Really working. Finally a version of the scrum of scrums, that works. Use Pull. Watch and see how I am using pull in our SoS, now called the “Chicken Coop Chat”

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  1. Mark Buchan November 27, 2010 at 3:15 am - Reply

    Hey Joseph – I like the name CCC. Just wondering if your teams are colocated. The issue we have is that we have teams that are based in India (and soon to be Eastern Europe also),Manchester and London. We are using teleconf to bring them all together and are currently experimenting with contiguous scrums – any other thoughts?
    Business Coach

    • Joseph Flahiff November 27, 2010 at 10:24 am - Reply

      I have to laugh every time I call it the chicken coop chat. I just came up with it on the phone one day discussing it with the team.

      The teams are distributed, most of the folks are in one location but about half are on the phone. it wokrs OK but I am adding video conferencing. We leave 15 minutes between scrums to allow for the followup conversations that typically happen in our teams. If that isn’t your culture then contiguous might work great. We just added a fourth team and it really becomes a bit combersome wtih the 15 minute spacing. that makes 2 hours of scrums and leaves no time for work in the morning.

      So I am going to retrospect it with the team. I never just change things coaching an agile team

      You have the unique problem of being spread across six timezones.
      How long are your iterations? One thing you might try if they are short enough, is to change the time of the scrums to be optimal for one time zone each sprint (e.g. morning in India for sprint 1, morning in Eastern Europe for sprint 2, morning in Londong for sprint 3, then back to mornings in India).

      Are the remote teams each self contained? (e.g. are the folks in Inda one scrum team and the folks in Manchester a different team?)

  2. Randy January 9, 2013 at 10:43 am - Reply

    Interesting, but I’m not sure I like this approach. Mainly the fact that your scrums are 15 mins and then 15 min QA…..come on, call it what it is. Waterfall project status meeting. That seems to be what happens, whenever I’m coaching and a scrum team tells me we have a 15 min (or less) daily standup but then when we are finished we have a more detailed discussion. Sounds like the old waterfall status meetings to me, but disguised un Scrum like terms. Sorry to be critical, but we have 15 min scrums, and no QA afterwards…unless it comes up in during Scrum meeting and thos impacted attend only

    • Joseph Flahiff January 9, 2013 at 11:07 am - Reply

      Thanks for posting. I don’t really agree with calling it a waterfall. What would make it waterfall, in my mind, is if they are giving a “Status” to a project manager. What I am talking about is a scrum where, the whole team meets together as one team and discusses what they are doing, with each other. There is no giving of status. I will often coach Scrummasters who are struggling with the team giving them status, to look away when they start giving status, or to look a the other team members (hopefully the ones directly involved with what the person is talking about at the time). This often makes the person talking look at that other person too and breaks the “status cycle”.

      The team members always end up with questions for each other that require more discussion than a 15 minute all team discussion. Thus those people break out and meet quickly or setup a time to have further discussions later, and yes only those who are involved attend. The team is in charge. I think your last sentence is exactly what we are doing. sorry if I wasn’t clear.

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