Enterprise Project Management with #AGILE & #SCRUM – 5 PDUs

Check it out!  If you are a traditionally trained Project Manager who is new to Agile, have I got a class for you!

I am an instructor on www.teachstreet.com with my Introduction to Agile for Project Managers class.

Check it out. It is only $95 for 5 PDUs heck you can’t beat that!

Hope you will join me.

======Monday – “Agile from 40,000 feet”
Monday is always a great day to start fresh.
What is agile…Really. Is it Software, is it a technology, is it a religion
Learn how agile differs from your traditional approach to managing projects

Tuesday – “Horses for Courses”
When should you use agile? Why?
Learn how to identify a candidate for agile project management
How to mix agile and traditional waterfall methods in a single project

Wednesday – “Get to the Point”
Agile uses “Points” to do estimation of work
Learn why points are better than hours for estimation
Learn the rules of Planning Poker.
Lessons from the frontlines – What DOESN’T work in an enterprise

Thursday – “Catch and Release”
Agile Project PLANNING.
Defining a release plan
Elements of an agile release plan
Don’t forget…Things you should remember in planning an agile project

Friday – Final Q&A and Suggested topics
During the course I will be gathering topics of specific interest from the class
for this last day of custom designed training.

This class is worth 5 PDUs with the Project Management Institute. Details will be provided at the last class on how to record your PDUs with PMI.

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  1. josephflahiff August 22, 2010 at 11:16 pm - Reply

    Do you think I should do this class now or wait for 6 months? I need feedback from my TEAM. You are my customers. What do you want? These short videos or are you ready for a longer webinar?

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