The best SHORT description of #agile

...a set of values based on trust and respect for each other and promoting organizational models based on people, collaboration, and building the types of organizational communities in which we would want to work. via History: The Agile Manifesto.

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I’m Just sayn’

I was just reading a post on the Linked In group for the Agile Alliance. Someone was questioning the agile manifesto and that got some seriously heated replies I wrote my response and ended it with this: Remember the Agile Manifesto was just something a bunch of guys made up one day, almost ten years [...]

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Sprint Review: Emotional Time-line Diagram

If you don't use the Emotional Time-line Diagramming technique in your Sprint Reviews you should. In this video I describe the technique and my experience using it last week.

#agile Too Much WIP!

Too Much Work-in-Process (WIP) results in delays, task switching waste, and an opacity to project status. Limiting WIP requires discipline from the developers. Like doing a term paper people tend to wait until the last minute to get work done. It is just natural. In Agile we need to fight that natural tendency [...]

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Struggling with Agile/Waterfall?

I need your help! I am putting together a list of topics to cover in my videos.  I want to know what you would like to hear about.  Please add topic suggestions here as comments to this post.  I want to address questions you have to help you be successful with Agile in your mixed [...]

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