Video blog coming soon

Ok I know I promised that I would post some videos. I am working on it. It has been a crazy week at work this week. We had forecasts due and this month they asked that we get as accurate as we could get on the 2011 forecast. We did our best but our Capital [...]

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Epic Roadtrip

Well I am back from a 2 week vacation with my family. We drove from Seattle to Anaheim to see Mickey Mouse. We are pretty crazy Disney Fans. Not over the top but we did spend six days there. We drove through Redwood National Park and saw some HUGE trees. then to a place called [...]

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Interview with Sanjiv Augustine: The Agile PMO

What would happen if we took agile Values, Principles and Practices and applied them to the PMO?  In this podcast you will hear how Sanjiv did just that.  In this episode Sanjiv shares with us how he has been using these techniques on agile PMO applications since 2002. (published in ACM Sanjiv Augustine has been [...]

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