10. Get a Guide

Tiger Woods has a coach

So who are you to think you don’t need one?

Every great athlete, from the school football team to the Olympics, to professional sports every great player  has a coach.  Authors have editors, and the President of the United States of America has a cabinet of people who advise and coach him.

People who excel in their area of expertise know that they can’t do it without a coach.

A coach helps you see your blind spots. A coach helps you focus on the basics. A coach tells you the truth, even when it hurts.  A coach helps you see beyond your perceived limitations.  A coach encourages you when it all looks dark and failure feels overwhelming.  A coach kicks you in the rear when you need it.

Your spouse or close friends do not make good coaches, because a coach need to be able to tell you the truth like a therapist would.   Your boss does not make a good coach because most people don’t have that kind of relationship with their boss. If you do that is great but it is rare.

A coach should be someone with experience in the area you are trying to grow, someone who has “done it” for real not just with theoretical knowledge.

Remember Everyone can use a Coach.

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