6. Keep it light

You don’t have to be Danny Kaye, but work can be too serious sometimes. Lighten it up.  Really, come on. I mean, it is just work. When was the last time you laughed during a meeting?  me? every day.  I laugh at work every day, often at myself.

Far too often project managers take themselves waaayyy toooo seriously.  I have taken over many projects from other project managers. Projects that were completely on fire where I was called on to do a project rescue, where, after the team met with me just a couple of times, they were so much happier, you could hear it in their voices (I am often remote on projects) or see it in their faces when they are in-person. And frequently they tell me so. Things like, “All I know is you made it bearable to come to work again.” Come on, Do you make work unbearable for your team?

So, answer this question, who is more likely to deliver on time?

  1. a happy developer who enjoys coming to work
  2. a mopey developer who dreads another day with you as the PM?

So that is it.  I can’t tell you how.  but lighten up. have fun.  If you don’t like people… well maybe you should find a different job, one where people aren’t your main work.

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