5. Serve The Team And the Project

One of my many side passions is Theatre Lighting Design. One of the fundamental things you learn very early on in lighting design is that, it isn’t about the lighting.  In most productions really good lighting is never noticed, but it can make or break a scene. This is true of rock concert lighting as well. It may be noticed but it isn’t because the lighting is so cool. It is because the lighting fits the music so well. The phrase we use to describe this is, “The lighting must always be, in service to the play.”

The same is true of your project management. Did you ever notice, that really good project management just looks like a project with no real big issues. They might just say that you had an easy project. But really it was because you worked your rear off.  This is the ideal of servant leadership. When everything is running smooth and peaceful, you know you are doing your best work.

As a lighting designer, the praise for a great performance typically goes to the actors, or to the director.   You have to take pride in your own work and know that you are doing a great job.  Of course you should toot your horn to your supervisor as they are the one responsible for your next raise. But beyond that, unfortunately it is just the job for someone with a servant’s heart.

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