9. Get Lots of Input

Proverbs 15:22 Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed. Many advisers...How can I add to this? I was talking with a project manager the other day and they were telling me how the project team (they are agile) was telling him that they couldn't work with the project plan that [...]

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8. Simplify Complex Ideas

The smartest people I know can explain quantum physics to a 5th grader. When I worked at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center the VP of IT said of the PMO... "You bring clarity".  That is a HUGE part of what we do as project managers. This is just amplified in our role as a [...]

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7. Trust Your Team

Trust is a tricky thing.  It is hard won and easily lost. Project Managers have a practice of diving in deep into the details when things go wrong on a project. This is a good practice but, we have to remember to pull back out after the crisis.  Too often we stay down at the [...]

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6. Keep it light

You don't have to be Danny Kaye, but work can be too serious sometimes. Lighten it up.  Really, come on. I mean, it is just work. When was the last time you laughed during a meeting?  me? every day.  I laugh at work every day, often at myself. Far too often project managers [...]

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5. Serve The Team And the Project

One of my many side passions is Theatre Lighting Design. One of the fundamental things you learn very early on in lighting design is that, it isn't about the lighting.  In most productions really good lighting is never noticed, but it can make or break a scene. This is true of rock concert lighting as [...]

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4. Listen more than you speak

I am sitting on my hands. Waiting for the team to come up with an idea that I had when we started this meeting.  Finally after 20 minutes of discussion someone mentions my idea. They own it... they resolved the issue and are ready to move on. They own the idea now.  If I had [...]

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