3. Clarify Everything You (or anyone else) Don’t Understand

un·der·stand·ing Pronunciation: ˌən-dər-ˈstan-diŋ Function: noun Date: before 12th century 1 : a mental grasp : comprehension 2 a : the power of comprehending; especially : the capacity to apprehend general relations of particulars b : the power to make experience intelligible by applying concepts and categories 3 a : friendly or harmonious relationship b : [...]

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2. Know your goal and purpose

Once a team of unemployed people were contracted for day labor. They were told they would be paid $9 per hour.  Taken to a field, they were given shovels and told to begin digging a ditch. They dug from the rosy-skied-early-bird-morning until the blistering heat of noon.  The team ate their lunch with the appetite [...]

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10 tips for whitewater success

1. Nothing is "normal" 2. Know your goal & purpose 3. Clarify everything you (or others) don't understand 4. Listen more than you talk 5. Serve the team & project 6. Keep it light 7. Trust your team 8. Simplify complex ideas 9. Get lots of input 10.  Get a guide 11. Over Deliver

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Agile Thought Leaders Podcast Series

Here are just a few starting thoughts of what I will cover in this blog/podcast.  I will post interviews with experts such as Ken Schwaber,  Mary Poppendieck, Michele Sliger and more. Governance models for Agile projects Status reporting of Agile in Waterfall contexts Issues with Earned Value reporting in Agile projects Good practices for Agile [...]

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